Apple to Debut 3nm Chip in Next iPad Pro

Following up on the recent iPad rumors, Apple is planning to introduce its next generation 3nm chip in its next generation of iPad Pro as soon as next year. According to TSMC, 3nm technology allows up to 15% faster CPU performance while consuming up to 30% less power.

Last September, Apple debuted its first groundbreaking 5nm chip called the “A14” in the current iPad Air. Apple usually didn’t announce a new chip on the iPad before the iPhone, but because of the delayed launch of the iPhone 12, the iPad Air launched alongside the iPhone 12 line in October, which all featured the latest A14 chip. A month later, Apple introduced its more powerful variant of its 5nm chip specifically for the Mac and later the iPad Pro, which marked the first Macs in the transition to Apple Silicon.

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Timing for the 3nm chip technology’s remains unclear, but it seems likely that Apple would launch the next iPad Pro sometime in the second half of 2022 that features this technology as Apple usually refreshes its iPads 12-18 months. On another note, the next iPhone will likely feature a 5nm+ A15 chip, which will deliver enhanced power efficiency and performance.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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