Donald Trump Responds to “Tim Apple” Controversy

Appleosophy | Donald Trump Responds to "Tim Apple" Controversy
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In a tweet made by president Donald Trump Monday morning, he goes on to explain what happened with him and Apple CEO Tim Cook last week, as well as tell the public what really happened.

Here is what Trump’s tweet said:

Trump basically says that he called him “Tim Apple” to save time instead of calling him “Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.” He then went on to go and blame the mainstream media for how they covered the story.

After their meeting last week, Tim Cook did change his Twitter name to “Tim ,” so clearly this had an impact on him in some way.

We do not know if the whole “Tim ” name will remain Tim Cook’s Twitter name or if Donald Trump is currently angry with Cook, but we do know that their meeting, along with many other tech leaders, was very important.

We will update this story if we get any more information on it.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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