Spotify vs Apple Music: Which is Better?


It’s definitely hard to choose, with both apps having the same subscription fees, but let’s look in further: which is better?

Spotify is definitely a great option, with millions of songs, podcasts, and more. High quality music is offered, dark mode and others. Now let’s look at the features.


– Dark Theme

The entire user interface is dark/black and is great at night time.

– Podcasts

Spotify has a variety of podcasts in the app, including The New York Times’s ‘The Daily’ and BBC World Service’s ‘Global News Podcast’.

– Word Genre

The platform offers a genre/category for learning and stories and is perfect for children to listen to their favourite folk tales and stories.

Now let’s look at the cons:

Spotify recently removed the awesome ‘Browse’ tab and instead, they stuffed it into the already very packed ‘Search’ tab, which makes the whole app looks very cramped and loaded.

You also actually can’t change the user interface into a lighter theme, so it might look not too good during the day. For me, I’m okay with that, but I believe some users don’t like the dark interface too much.

Let’s look at Apple Music.


– Light Theme

The light theme by Apple Music makes it easier during the day. However it’s not too okay at night. For me it makes the app very bright at night.

– Organised categories


It lacks podcasts, as it is in the other app, and the library part is quite messy.


If you are choosing, I recommend using Spotify, WITH PREMIUM.