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Opinion: Should You Buy the Extended Warranty?

Graduates around the country, both high school and college, are getting ready to buy new MacBooks, iPads and iPhones for either their upcoming semester of college or their first gift to themselves as a college graduate.

One of the questions that we all get asked and all have to think about is whether or not we want to buy the extended warranty on the tech product that we are purchasing.

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So should you buy it?

The only want to know this for sure is that you have to see what kind of tech user that you are. If you are the kind of person that drops their items a lot or someone who has young children, then it is probably not a bad idea.

If you are the kind of person that can or could spill a drink or just flat out does not take care of their items, then yes, you may want to look into that extended warranty.

There are some ways to avoid the extended warranty for all of these products listed (iPhone, iPad, MacBook).

Whenever I purchase an iPhone or iPad, I always buy an OtterBox case on it. When I owned my iPhone 4S, iPhone 6, iPad Mini 1 & 2, and now as I own and use my iPhone 8 Plus and iPad fifth generation, I always make sure to have the OtterBox case on my devices.

On my iPhone 8 Plus, I have the OtterBox Commuter case, which is not as protective as their Defender case. However, since I take really good care of my Apple products, it will survive the case. Plus, it is a great way for me to show off its Product Red color.

My iPad fifth generation has the OtterBox Defender case and it does a great job of looking nice, but most importantly, keeping my iPad safe from drops or spills.

For most people, I would recommend the OtterBox Defender case instead of going with an extended warranty since they are not that expensive and that it is money that will be going towards something you will use every single day, whereas with the extended warranty purchase, you may never seem that money ever again.

For people buying new MacBooks, you’re going to either want to get some form of plastic case and possibly even a keyboard cover if you are known to spill things on your laptop (or just want to customize it to make it look more like it was made for you).

All in all, the extended warranty is something that can be avoided very well in 2019. Coming from someone who used to work for Best Buy, the extended warranty is more so designed to help them money-wise than it is to help you. Sure, it can be beneficial to some people and that there have been cases where the warranty saved people and products, but at the same time, you likely don’t need it.

If you do end up buying it, I do hope that you at least did your research and truly assessed whether or not you needed it because it could be money that you are not getting back.

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