Opinion: Is Hulu Better Than Netflix in 2019?

Over the years, both services have made big changes to the interface and overall content on the service. Netflix tends to focus more so on original content now, whereas Hulu does have some of their own original content but focuses on content from other networks such as FOX, NBC and ABC.

For this piece, I will not be including or talking about Hulu with Live TV, as it does not have enough to do with streaming on-demand TV.

Now, I Netflix is a service that I used to have and I had it for a while. However, over the years, I found that the service was removing more of my favorite shows. It started out with shows like Doctor Who. It was a great convenience so that I did not have to buy the DVDs, which cost around $70-80 per season.

Netflix also used to have two of my other favorite shows like Last Man Standing and How I Met Your Mother, but then they moved to Hulu after they got a new partnership with FOX. Netflix also used to have popular shows like Malcolm in the Middle and briefly MASH.

I have tried to watch some original programming on Netflix such as 13 Reasons Why and even though the first season was really good, the second season was dismal at best. It was renewed for a third season last year but lost my interest since the show will not have one of the most important characters from the last two seasons, therefore, in my opinion, the series has no purpose and Netflix is just looking to make a bunch of money off it.

So what does Hulu have for me? Pretty much everything. Sure, the service does not have as many movies as Netflix, but luckily for me, I’m not a big movie guy and prefer 20-30 minute TV shows.

Hulu also has two of my favorite shows on their service that Netflix used to have; Last Man Standing and How I Met Your Mother. They also have Family Guy which is always nice to watch a long day of work.

The only thing that Netflix has on Hulu is that they have The Office and that you can download certain episodes and movies on your device to make it available offline.

Netflix used to have the advantage of being the cheapest between the two. However, even on Hulu’s most expensive plan (again, not including their Live TV tier) at $11.99 (ad-free too), it is still cheaper than Netflix, which is now $12.99 a month for their Standard plan. Hulu additionally allows me to subscribe to their streaming services through iTunes, whereas Netflix no longer allows that.

Granted, Netflix does have their basic plan at $8.99 and ad-free, but Hulu with ads only costs $5.99 a month.

At the end of the day, I believe I am one of the few people and millennials that does not have Netflix, despite how many people say how great it is. To me, Netflix is incredibly overrated compared to Hulu and even Prime Video. While Hulu continues to do more and add value to their product, Netflix continues to disappoint me.


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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