I recently bought a pair of second-generation AirPods with a Charging Case on sale from Takealot (a South African online store).

I’ve always wanted to buy myself some AirPods since they were announced back in 2016 because they are truly wireless and it’s one of my favorite Apple products. I just didn’t want to pay the full price for them. When they were put on sale I knew it was time to get a pair. At the time of the sale, the first generation AirPods actually cost more than the new ones.

Is a Wireless Charging Case Really Necessary?

As mentioned above, I only got the AirPods with the Charging Case and not with the Wireless Charging Case, because I don’t have a wireless charger. Even if I had a wireless charger I don’t know if I would buy the AirPods with a Wireless Charging case because the Lightning Charger does the same job, it still charges your AirPods. Personally, I don’t think the Wireless Charging Case is necessary.

Battery and Charging

Apple mentions on its website that the AirPods are capable of 5 hours of listening time and up to 3 hours of talk time. They also say that with 15 minutes of charging you can get 3 hours of listening time. But what they don’t say is how long it takes to fully charge the AirPods or the AirPods and the Charging Case, I’ve also never seen it anywhere else, so I did some tests.

When charging the AirPods, it took just under 30 minutes to fully charge them from about 10%. And to fully charge the AirPods from 0% and the Charging Case with 5% battery life, it took just a little more than an hour.

For me the battery life on the AirPods is great.

Favorite Features

One of my favorite features is the fact that the AirPods are truly wireless with no cables to bug me. They also connect very easily to my MacBook, especially with the AirBuddy App ($5). Because my iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack, I was never able to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time, the AirPods makes that possible (It’s actually possible with any Bluetooth earphones).

I rate the AirPods 5/5 because they are great overall. With battery life, sound quality, and the truly wireless experience.