Opinion: My Experience with Ordering Through the Sonic App with Apple Pay

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Appleosophy | Opinion: My Experience with Ordering Through the Sonic App with Apple Pay
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This past Saturday night, I decided to take my mom and myself out for ice cream since it had been very hot that day and I have been wanting to use their mobile ordering system through their app.

So, I simply told her that it was my treat. She picked out what she wanted and I added it. I chose what I wanted, added it, placed my order and paid with Apple Pay.


The cool thing that I found in the ordering experience is that you can choose when you want to pick it up. I chose for the time when I’d likely get there, which was 15 minutes after the order was placed.

Once I arrived, I was told on the menu monitor to check-in to the location from their app. I did this and within about 10 minutes later, we had our ice cream at our car and ready to eat!

I’ll say that the process is good since I like the idea of being able to place an order at a restaurant through an app and get it as soon as possible. It beats having to tell someone over the microphone system, getting your food minutes later and then having to either pull your card out and wait for that or counting out the amount of money you need to pay for it all. Apple Pay in their makes it simple.

I also want to add that I do hope that they add it to their restaurants soon. I do recall seeing an NFC symbol at their menu ordering boards at one time, but my location no longer has that available.  The images you see below are from when they used to have it and enabled at their restaurants.

Overall, I’d say that this was a good enough experience to recommend to our readers here. If you’re looking to save a little bit of time or just want to use Apple Pay at Sonic (for those that do not have the NFC readers at their location) and not have to worry about putting their card into the card reader, this would definitely be worth trying out this summer.

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