It would appear as though Bath & Body Works is one of the newest businesses to begin accepting Apple Pay.

Bath & Body Works is a business that is typically found in malls and primarily sells soap, shampoo, lotion, candles and other related products.

A Reddit user has now confirmed in the store that the company has begun rolling out Apple Pay support in their stores. The stores now have cards on the card readers that specifically say that they are now accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc) in their stores.


The company is currently not accepting Apple Pay through their website. Currently, the most secure way to pay for items through their website is through PayPal, which the site does enable you to do.

We hope to see Apple Pay added to their website as a payment method hopefully in the near future. If anything, Bath and Body Works is showing that they are updating their stores with the current times, in terms of payment methods. It will come in handy once the fall and holiday seasons come this year.