Portless iPhone and bezel-less iPhone SE in 2021

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Appleosophy | Portless iPhone and bezel-less iPhone SE in 2021
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Yes, we have just got the iPhone 11 series, with the rumors of the 2020 iPhones, and now we also have some information about the 2021 iPhones. It’s truly amazing that we get rumors for iPhones which are almost 2 years away from us.

The game-changing 2021 iPhone: The Age-old charging port is going away!

According to the reputable Apple Analyst, Ming-Chi-Quo, Apple may launch an iPhone in the second half of 2020 which may end up offering us a truly wireless experience, which means that the 2021 iPhone may not have any charging port, and you may need to depend on wireless charging. If Apple is doing that, then Apple may skip shipping the 2020 iPhones with the USB-C port and stick with the Lightning Port for one more year. Imagine a portless iPhone, which will increase water resistance. Apple may release new technologies for charging for which we are unknown of right now. Stay updated with Appleosophy for the latest information on this. Okay, so if the 2021 iPhones will be portless, What happens to the Smart Battery Case? Will it wirelessly charge the iPhone? Will Apple find a solution to the problem of heating in wireless charging? Or will Apple make use of its development which is a Custom Battery Protection Module which may be 50% smaller and thinner, to increase battery capacity? If they do that, you might not even require battery cases. If they develop a truly Wireless Smart Battery Case, which may itself have the Bilateral Wireless charging technology to function properly, there is a very high possibility that they might implement it in their iPhones as well. In the process, AirPower may receive a comeback. It is surprising that even the 2020 iPhones are not out, and still, we are getting rumors and talking about the 2021 iPhones.

AirBatter may be a thing:

Appleosophy | Portless iPhone and bezel-less iPhone SE in 2021

Appleosophy | Portless iPhone and bezel-less iPhone SE in 2021

Concept: Gunho Lee, ConceptsiPhone

Appleosophy | Portless iPhone and bezel-less iPhone SE in 2021

Concept: Gunho Le, ConceptsiPhone

The Revolutionary iPhone SE 2 Plus:

The iPhone SE 2 Plus may have a larger 5.5-inch display with almost no bezels, and a tiny notch at the top for the camera and the speaker with Touch ID. Since this will be a budget-end model, we won’t see Face ID or In-Display Touch ID, rather it will have Touch ID build into the power button, like a few Android phones in the market.  This iPhone will make users happy with an almost bezel-less display, Touch ID and affordable price point. Rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 2 may be called the iPhone 9 because it is based on the same chassis as the iPhone 8.


This is Apple, who tries out new technologies that no-one implemented on their phones.

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