Review: Target Drive-Up

Appleosophy | Review: Target Drive-Up
Review: Target Drive-Up

A little over a week ago, I made a purchase for a new belt through Target’s app. They were having a sale on them at the time.

One of the things reasons I chose to do it this way was to not pay for their $5-7 fee for shipping, which for me was just too much to pay. I am the kind of guy that when I find a cheaper way to get things online, I usually get them that way with no questions asked.

When placing the order (with Apple Pay, I might add), I chose in-store pick-up, even though it would take a few days for it to be shipped to my store. I was willing to wait since, like I said earlier, I love being able to save money.

After I had purchased the item, I received email notifications of when it had shipped and when it had arrived at my store. This is nice because even though every other website and brick-and-mortar store does it for online and pickup orders, it is nice to know that there is some form of an eye in the sky, looking out for your items. It brings a peace of mind sense to you.

Once it had arrived, I was able to pull-up into one of their Drive-Up parking spots in my store’s parking lot. Yes, I could have waited for someone to bring it out to my car, but I just wanted to make sure that the item was right, and that I had other items I was looking to buy in the store that day too.

When I walked into the store, I was able to pull out my iPhone, have the customer service person scan the code in the app, and from there, I was able to get my new belt.

I do want to applaud Target too on their iOS app. It is an app that looks nice to the eye and works in a simple way that is not complicated at all, and that accepts Apple Pay as well. It’s great that they brought their iPad app back too.

Consumers do have the option for their groceries and/or other items to be delivered to them through delivery services such as Shipt (owned by Target) and Instacart too.

Overall, the process could not have been made easier if they tried. It gets a 4/4 star review from me because it works well and shows that Target is adapting and catering to those who don’t want to go into a store to get their items, but instead would rather have someone get it to them for no extra charge, and then either have the customer come inside to pick up their items or have a worker from the store put them in your car for you.

My advice for if you are going to use it is that you do it through their iPhone or iPad app. When using it there, it makes the whole experience a lot better and organized. Plus, you can pay for your items with Apple Pay or Apple Card in it, making the payment process as secure as possible.

Rating: 4/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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