Apple to expand “Quick Look” with features for retailers.

Appleosophy|Apple to expand
Appleosophy|Apple to expand "Quick Look" with features for retailers.
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Ever since it’s introduction, Quick Look has served as an option for consumers to see some Apple products in a different way. Without having to leave your home or office, you could take a closer look of products and their dimensions, as well as some features, making online shopping it’s own different experience. This has all been made possible by the introduction of ARKit and it’s different tools, which have been a focus on the recent iOS updates, now that the technology has caught up to the concept.

Now, Apple seems to be delivering on the promise of making augmented reality into more of a tool, rather than just a gimmick. As they had previously announced in WWDC 2019, some retails across the world, such as Home Depot, Bang & Olufsen and others, will be able to use this tool for their products with other, more interesting features. To expand the “Quick Look” concept, Apple has decided to add certain options such as “Paying with Apple Pay” and even direct access for Online Support while making your purchase. This seems to be targeting retailers with a huge online presence, and might change the whole online shopping landscape, as more and more retailers will look at these new alternatives to reduce in-store wait times.

Of course, there will be a long time before we see this concept expanded into other stores, but it can’t be denied that this could be the beginning of a new online phenomena. Just imagine how convenient this will make buying furniture and other big-sized items on the internet, looking at their dimensions and the way it would look in your own home. In conclusion, this seems quite intriguing, and personally I can’t wait to see the effect it will have on the different online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, which will make them open themselves into selling other new and exciting products that were not usually sold online

What’s your opinion on this? Do you think it will have a big effect on the online shopping landscape? Do you like shopping online or would you rather stick to going to your local brick and mortar shop? Tell us your opinion down below!

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Appleosophy|Apple to expand
Author: Emilio Morales

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Appleosophy|Apple to expand
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