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Redbox officially accepting “tap to pay” at kiosks

What is probably the most popular movie renting service on the market right now, has officially started accepting “tap to pay” at its kiosks.

The Redbox kiosks are now officially accepting Apple Pay at its kiosks. We have reported on Redbox bringing Apple Pay to its kiosks over the last year. They have put new card readers on its kiosks to accept mobile payment services like Apple Pay, as well as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Redbox adding new card readers with NFC-reading capabilities happened last May. The reason for this could be to prevent or limit the amount of credit/debit card skimmers that have been known to be put on kiosks, gas pumps and self-checkouts at retail stores.

The user from Reddit has noted that not only is the NFC icon there on the card reader, but it is working now.


Both Redbox’s website and app have yet to accept Apple Pay on them. However, it would not be too much if that surprised in the upcoming months too since they are adding it to all of its kiosks too.

Let us know in the comments if you have used Apple Pay at a Redbox kiosk or if you have any plans on doing it soon?

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