iPad Pro Trackpad feature from iPadOS 13.4 explained

Appleosophy | iPad Pro Trackpad feature from iPadOS 13.4 explained
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As stated by MacRumors, the star of the iPadOS 13.4 is the official cursor support for the brand new iPad Pro and its Magic Keyboard, which is rumored to be released in May this year.

Until then, iPadOS 13.4, which will be released in March 24th, still gives us the ability to use its cursor support, by pairing a supported Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse, such as the ones already available in the Apple Stores worldwide.

The preferences for these, such as speed and others, can be easily adjusted by heading into Settings > General > Trackpad (or Mouse) section.

Once again, Apple revolutionizes the industry with a new and unique way to operate the cursor, as if it’s unused for a few seconds, it fades away, making it less intrusive. When hovering over a button, app icon, or folder icon, the cursor disappears in the selection cell, letting you know what you have selected.

To open up the Control Center, simply hover over the text from the top right corner and tap it, but to open up the tiles (such as media or connectivity tiles) a long press is needed. The same goes for the Notification center, to open it up, hover over the time and date from the top left corner and click.

Swiping down from anywhere on the home screen with 2 fingers will release the Spotlight search and swiping up with 3 fingers from any app, it will close itself, and swiping up with 3 fingers and holding, the App Switcher will appear. Also, swiping to the left or right with 3 fingers will move throughout the open applications, just as you would normally do on the home bar.

To use Splitview and Multitasking features, just hover over the bottom of the screen, until the dock appears and drag and drop an app of your choice to one of the sides of the screen. Swiping between the opened Multitasking apps can easily be done just by swiping with 3 fingers on the opened apps.

The scrolling is the same as on macOS, and to select a text from a web page can be done by using a long press.

In the Notes and iWork apps, when hovering over text, the cursor transforms itself in the well known selecting bar, making it easier to work. After highlighting some text, a 2 finger click (right click) brings up the cut/copy/paste menu.

These are all the controls available at this point on the latest iPadOS beta and with the release of the Magic Keyboard, with the built-in trackpad, working on an iPad Pro will be easier and more fluid.

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