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Coronavirus temporarily closes Best Buy stores; curbside pickup still an option

It has been announced that Best Buy is temporarily closing its stores while the coronavirus pandemic continues in the United States.

The company had previously mentioned that they were going to be diminishing the number of customers that would be allowed to be in the store at once, with that number being 10-15, depending on the size of the store.

That is all a thing of the past as now Best Buy will solely be relying on purchases made online and customers who choose the in-store pickup option when placing orders for items that are currently available in their local store.

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All of this will begin to take place on Sunday, March 22. Other services that the company provides like in-store installations on new TVs and appliances have also been suspended. In-home consultations are being done digitally as well.

In a statement, CEO Corie Berry said the following:

“The situation we’re facing as a company and as individuals is unprecedented and changing at a pace all of us are working to keep up with. We are making the best decisions we can with two goals in mind: protecting employees, customers and their respective families, while trying our best to serve the millions of Americans who rely on us for increasingly vital technology.”

Employees at Best Buy have been told that if they are not feeling well, they are not suggested to come in and to stay at home. They have also been told that regardless if they work or don’t work, they will be paid.

Workers that have their positions deal with the in-home consultations will be paid based on their last 10 weeks of work.

We reported yesterday that Best Buy is currently having a three-day sale on select Apple products, which is still in place. However, after today, those purchases will either have to be made online and shipped from Best Buy’s warehouse or made for curbside pickup.

Best Buy does accept Apple Pay on its website and app. Those that make their purchase with Apple Card will get two percent back in Daily Cash too.

To see the full press release from Best Buy, click here.

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