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New Activity Rings for Kids Mode will debut on watchOS 7

According to the codes found in iOS 14 obtained by 9To5Mac, watchOS 7 will introduce a new Kids Mode and Schooltime. Schooltime will limit kids to use certain apps and complications during times like School hours.

In Kids Mode, the child will not require an iPhone to set up the Apple Watch. A parent can set up an Apple Watch for their child and have control over it. Parents will be able to set up features like Schooltime in Kids Mode to limit them to use only the required apps and complications in school.

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The Activity Rings will behave differently in Kids Mode. The metrics for the Activity Rings in Kids Mode on Apple Watch are:

Red will signify the calories burnt after an intense exercise or workout.

Green will signify the amount of time spent in exercising for that day.

Blue will signify the time spent in a stand or wheelchair.

The new kids mode will replace the active calorie count in the move ring with the time spent in a movement. 9To5Mac also reports that Kids Mode will reward the kids much better which will encourage them to spend more time in physical activity than to play video games at home.

The functionality of an Apple Watch has been increasing every year, bringing new advancements and features which increases the number of Apple Watch users worldwide.


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