Apple Releases watchOS 7 Public Beta: How to install

Back in June during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of Technology announced that Apple would be offering public beta access to watchOS 7. With the release of the watchOS 7 Public Beta today this marks the first time that Apple has offered prerelease versions of watchOS to public beta testers. In the past, watchOS betas were only made available to registered developers. 

Interested in installing watchOS 7 ahead of the final release this Fall? Follow the steps below. 

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*Note that watchOS 7 Public Beta 1 is beta software and may contain bugs. It is not possible to downgrade to previous versions of watchOS once the beta is installed. watchOS 7 requires an iPhone running the iOS 14 Public Beta. Find out how to install the iOS 14 Public Beta on your iPhone here. 

Step 1) Navigate to Apple’s Public Beta portal and sign in with your Apple ID

Step 2) Select watchOS below the “Enroll your devices” menu and follow the onscreen instructions to register your Apple Watch

Step 3) Swipe down and tap “Download profile” 

Step 4) Follow the onscreen instructions by selecting “Allow” and “Install”

Step 5) The Apple Watch app will then prompt you to restart your Apple Watch which will complete the installation of the watchOS 7 Public Beta profile. 

Step 6) Once your Apple Watch restarts select Software Update > Download and Install in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone 

Step 7) Get to know watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch! 

watchOS 7 features a myriad of notable changes including sleep tracking, watch face sharing, hand washing reminders, cycling directions in Maps, added workouts, and new watch faces such as X-Large & Tachymeter. 

Brahm Shank
Author: Brahm Shank

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