EE has introduced the Apple Subscription Services Bundle in the UK

EE, the UK Carrier Provider has announced that they will be launching an “All-in-One” iPhone Plan that will include Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade in one bundle.

They are providing all the major Apple Subscription Services except News+ at no extra cost than that of the Plan. Being the biggest Carrier in the UK, this plan brings lots of savings to its customers. Alongside the “Full Works” Plan, the users can also choose one of the aforementioned services free of charge if they are in the “Lower Tier” plan.

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If you own an iPhone 11 Pro subscribed to their plan, you will have to pay £77 a month. So, how much do you actually save? We have done the maths for you.

Without Apple’s Services, the same plan costs £68. So with this plan, the 3 services cost only £9 instead of £19.97 if you directly get it from Apple. You can check all their plan in detail by clicking here.

In other news, Apple is planning to launch its own Subscription Bundle in the month of October, namely “Apple One”. We do not know if we will be provided with a fixed set of subscriptions or a la carte.

We will know more about it as we near the launch of the upcoming Apple products including the Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhones.

Sriyansa Mohanty
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