New Apple Music Lyrics Sharing Feature Comes to Android, but without Updating the App

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Appleosophy | New Apple Music Lyrics Sharing Feature Comes to Android, but without Updating the App
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Apple launched the amazing Live Lyrics feature on Apple Music in 2019 with iOS 13, which later on, came to Android as well. The experience was at par, even during the beta testing period on the Play Store.  Last year, Apple released a New Beta for Apple Music on Android with a Design Overhaul & New Features similar to those on iOS 14, taking the Music Experience to the next level. Read more about it here. This update also included New Widgets for Android.

On Tuesday, Apple released the second Developer Beta for iOS 14.5, which included the new Lyric Sharing feature along with some new Gestures to Add, Download, Delete, and Play songs on Apple Music.

These new features & changes on Apple Music are now also available on Android if you’re running the beta version.

There are two ways of sharing Lyrics to your Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories or Messages:

  • Play a Song>Tap on Now Playing> Tap on Live Lyrics icon on the bottom left> Long Press on a Lyric and select your lyrics for sharing.
  • Tap on Options (Three vertical dots) or Long Press on a Song>Share Lyrics>Select Lyrics For Sharing

Currently, users can only share lyrics worth upto 150 characters. To select several lyrics together, Select the First Lyric and the Last Lyric that you want to share, and all the other Lyrics in between the first and the last lyric will get selected if they are within the 150 Characters Limit.

Here’s a song from the iPhone 7 + AirPods Commercial – “Stroll” being shared to Instagram Story:

Apple Music Lyrics SharingApple Music Lyrics Sharing to Instagram Stories


However, I haven’t updated the Apple Music App on Beta on my Android device. The Account registered for Apple Music beta was removed from the device recently, leading to the App not updating anymore. Google’s Play Store says “Beta version still installed. You might want to uninstall and reinstall this app” and there’s no option to Update. Infact, the last update was over a week ago as the Google Play Store Says.

Appleosophy | New Apple Music Lyrics Sharing Feature Comes to Android, but without Updating the App

Interestingly enough, these new features still work, including the new Lyric Sharing Features and the new gestures for songs. This rules out the possibility that these new features were already present on the previous beta versions and was just enabled by Apple on Android (even on its previous beta), and on iOS 14.5 Beta 2. These features may be disabled on iOS 14.5 Beta 1 or possibly even on earlier versions but there’s a high chance that these features were present on previous versions. As of now, these features & changes are not available for the Public version yet.

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