Apple Officially Discontinues iMac Pro While Supplies Last

Credit: Apple Inc.

If you’ve been hoping for a spec update to the iMac Pro, don’t hold your breath for that anymore. Late last night, Apple has discontinued all built-to-order configurations for its high-end iMac. Consequently, Apple has also added the “While supplies last” caption for the iMac Pro’s order page. The only model you can purchase while supplies last is the base model configuration.

The iMac Pro made its debut in WWDC 2017 with a public release in December of that year. That computer acted as a gap solution to pro customers who had been waiting for Apple’s solution for the unsuccessful “trash can” Mac Pro that offered very limited upgradability. Since then, Apple released the truly modular Mac Pro as well as an update to the 27-inch regular iMac. That update brought many nice improvements with the True Tone display, 1080p FaceTime camera, and nano-textured glass option. With those features and its comparative performance, 27-inch iMac became a better bang-for-the-buck to pro customers.

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This discontinuation came shortly after Apple discontinued the SSD configurations for its 21.5-inch iMac and rumors have been pointing to a highly-anticipated update for its iMac lineup. This includes the ongoing transition to Apple Silicon and possibly an all-new design. With speculation pointing to a late 2021 release, the upcoming iMac lineup could be announced sooner rather than later.

Concept by: Jon Prosser x @cconceptcreator

What do you think about the end-of-life for the iMac Pro? Do you think it makes sense for Apple to pull the plug? Are you looking forward to the next iMac? Leave us a comment below or tweet me on Twitter @TheNickSoong.

Nick Soong
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