Apple’s Custom-Made Modem Coming to iPhones as Soon as 2023

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Apple has been well-known to create all of its technologies in-house. This includes the hardware, software, and services that take advantage to create an amazing user experience/ecosystem.

Recently, Apple debuted its first lineup of 5G-enabled iPhones and iPad Pros. Although Apple designed many of the components for the iPhone and iPad including the SoC, the 5G modem remains the only exception as Qualcomm manufactures it. According to Kuo, Apple is looking to custom designing those modems for its upcoming iPhones as soon as 2023. This comes as no surprise to what we mentioned before as Apple has now designed its silicon for Macs.

As we can see from the M1 SoC, this will provide several major advantages. By consolidating the iPhone SoC and modem together, the SoC could yield much improved performance and efficiency. At the same time, because Apple is moving away from Qualcomm/Intel, its SoC strategy will allow Apple to manufacture its devices at a lower unit cost. Thus, we could see Apple finally adding cellular connectivity to future Macs as well.

What do you think on Apple’s winning strategy for building 5G modems in house? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @Appleosophy.

Nick Soong
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