App Clip stickers show up at Circle K gas station

The future of gas stations and not going inside to pay could be in the form of Apple’s App Clips.

App Clips are designed to be a way for someone to use an app on their iPhone without actually downloading and installing the app on their device, as we have noted previously.

The feature was one of the newest additions to iOS in iOS 14 that was released last fall.

It was recently discovered by a user on Reddit that Circle K gas stations are now the next set of gas stations to start getting App Clips stickers at its pumps. The first gas station to get these were ExxonMobil gas stations, which makes sense since it is a 3% Daily Cash Apple Card merchant.

Found app clip in the wild at Circle K. Select pump and pay with Apple Pay from AppClips

According to the post, the stickers were only available on select Circle K pumps at the location the user was at, so it appears as though this is going to be a gradual rollout.

Another gas station that does give users to pay for gas through their iPhones with Apple Pay but does not have the NFC readers on its pumps at all of its locations is Kum & Go, which does give users the option to download its app, where the user can choose their location, select which pump they are using, pre-pay for their gas through the app with Apple Pay and begin to pump said gas.

Kum & Go does have signs posted outside of its gas stations at its pumps that promote this feature.

So what are your thoughts on Circle K getting App Clips support at its gas pumps? Do you plan on looking for them and trying to use them at your nearest location? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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