Redesigned iPad mini in the Works, iPad Pro to Feature MagSafe

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Appleosophy | Redesigned iPad mini in the Works, iPad Pro to Feature MagSafe
iPad mini 6 Concept image by: Svetapple

Last month, Apple launched its powerful iPad Pro that sports the impressive M1 chip from the Mac. It looks like Apple is making exciting, new changes across its entire lineup starting this year. This includes a redesigned iPad mini and MagSafe coming to the iPad Pro.

iPad mini (6th generation)

The iPad mini’s design have remained largely unchanged since the original model came out in 2012. It only had its dimensions slightly changed with the iPad mini 4 in 2015. The last update to the mini came out in 2019 with the 5th generation. With all the other models updated on a regular basis, it’s definitely time for a big update to the smallest offering in the iPad lineup. We’ve seen Apple brought the design of the 2018 iPad Pro to the iPad Air, and it looks like that the iPad mini will follow suit with thinner bezels and possibly the removal of the Home button. People have wanted some kind of form of the “iPad mini Pro”, and while the future mini might not have all the bells and whistles of the flagship model. That model might be as close as it gets to that concept. We could see a slight price increase given the new design, but I’m sure people will pay a premium for that design. We could see that model as early as fall 2021.

MagSafe coming to iPad Pro (6th generation)

Apple originally introduced MagSafe to its lineup of MacBooks from 2006 – 2019. The MagSafe connector magnetically attaches to MacBook, and when someone accidentally yanked the cord, the connector safely detaches from the notebook. With MagSafe returning to the iPhone lineup in a different form, it looks like Apple is finding ways to implement MagSafe on the iPad Pro. In order to achieve this, Apple would replace the back of the iPad Pro with a glass back to allow charging to pass through the enclosure. As a bonus, Apple is looking to add reverse wireless charging, something that Apple is still working on for its iPhones. This will allow to charge your iPhone, AirPods, or possibly an Apple Watch onto the back of the iPad. The USB-C/Thunderbolt connector already makes charging those devices with an iPad conveniently; now MagSafe would take this convenience even further. The Thunderbolt port will remain on the iPad Pro as a faster alternative to inductive charging. Those models would debut as soon as late next year.

iPad (9th generation)

Last, but not least, Apple is planning a thinner version of the low-cost iPad. Rumors from months ago have reported that the next entry-level iPad will have a larger 10.5″ screen along with a thinner enclosure. This definitely looks as if Apple is reviving its iPad Air (3rd generation) and rebranding it as just “iPad”. We most likely won’t see a processor bump as the next iPad might retain the A12 chip as Apple tends to use the same generation of chips across two generations for the iPad. We could see that model as early as fall 2021 along with the redesigned iPad mini.

Appleosophy | Redesigned iPad mini in the Works, iPad Pro to Feature MagSafe The iPad (9th generation) will most likely look something like this, borrowing the same design as the iPad Air (3rd generation), while retaining compatibility with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil; Credit: Apple Inc.

The future for the iPad has never been exciting as before. What do you think about the exciting changes across the entire iPad lineup? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @Appleosophy.


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