First iPad with Mini LED display delayed until 2021

Due to the pandemic outbreak, many of the things were either delayed or taken under a high risk at Apple and released anyway.

Meanwhile the iPhone 12 might proceed as scheduled, meaning that it will be released in September, according to analyst Jeff Pu from Hong Kong on Thursday, Apple could push back to early 2021 the first iPad which will feature the Mini LED display.

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On the other hand, a previous rumor suggested that it could arrive later this year, due the fact that China is started to get back on track and might reopen its factories in the near future, but this remains a mystery until further notice from Apple.

Now, what is the Mini LED Display? Well, it will be a big feature that will replace the OLED display, and which makes possible to create thinner and more lightweight designs of mobile devices (in this case, iPads), while retaining the color accuracy, high contrast, dynamic range, and all the features that OLED has to offer.

Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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