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Mac Users Can Now Download OS X Lion and Mountain Lion for Free

If you’ve used an Apple product for over ten years, you might remember that up until Mac OS X Mavericks, OS updates were not free.

For years after this, though, users still would have to pay to download OS X Lion and Mountain Lion (the last two versions before Mavericks).

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That is, until today.

According to MacWorld, you can now visit Apple’s support documents to download the installers for both of Lion / Mountain Lion at no charge. Strangely, you can still order these version online for $19.99 each. Regardless, it’s still a win-win for users who still have an older Mac that cannot run Mavericks or newer.

Do you still have an older Mac that would be able to run Lion or Mountain Lion? Are you planning to upgrade now that it’s free?

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Nick Soong

Author: Nick Soong

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