Apple’s First OLED iPad to Debut in 2023


Last week, The Elec has reported that Apple is working on OLED-based iPad models to launch as soon as next year. However, a new report from Display Supply Chain consultants (DSCC) has indicated that those models will not launch next year, but rather in 2023.

According to AppleTrack, Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, has an unprecedented 100% track record when it comes to the display industry and forecasting therein. In spite of this, this comes as a contrary to many rumors that we’ve heard. Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple is working on both an OLED iPad Air and a redesigned MacBook Air with miniLED as early as 2022. A similar report from DigiTimes said that Apple is looking to push OLED technology as far as on both the iPads and MacBooks.

Currently, both the Apple Watch and most of the iPhones use OLED technology, and both of those are small devices. It would be even more expensive to implement this kind of technology at such a larger scale. MiniLED is still another step that Apple could take before going all in with OLED as it provides comparable contrast ratio/brightness to OLED.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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