Custom email domains now available in iCloud+ beta

iCloud+ was one of the newest service subscriptions Apple announced this year and it appears as though it is now online.

If you go to, sign in to your account, you now have the ability to use the customer email domain feature.

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In fact, this is how 9to5Mac, describes this feature of iCloud+:

“…teams and tech-savvy families can control their online branding while enjoying the benefits of a hosted email solution.”

One of the nice features of iCloud+ is it will bring new features to Apple’s cloud-based service and users will stay pay the same prices for those new functions.

Other features of iCloud+ include the following:

  • Private Relay is the headlining new feature of iCloud+. Through Private Relay, all traffic leaving your device is encrypted and sent through two separate relays. Apple says that no one, not even Apple, can access or view this data. This feature sounds quite a bit like an Apple VPN.
  • Hide My Email is a new feature built into Mail, Safari, and other services and it allows you to randomized, unique emails that forward to your main account. This means you can hide your email from services for increased privacy.
  • iCloud+ also includes unlimited HomeKit Secure Video cameras. Currently, iCloud users are limited to five cameras per account, but this limit has been removed for iCloud+.

Do you plan on using the custom email domain feature of iCloud+? What are your thoughts on iCloud+? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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