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Tim Cook visit to White House confirmed, pending announcement

It is common for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook (and many other big tech companies) to visit the White House and meet the United States president a couple of times. Now there is new info regarding another new visit to occur.

Cook’s visit has been confirmed by a number of guests shared by a government official. One of U.S. President Joe Biden’s domestic goals is to focus on and increase cybersecurity and privacy, which coincide with Apple’s business interests.

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According to WSJ, other big tech giants will also be included in the WH summit, and most of them will make security-related announcements at the end, Cook is included in the report:

“Top Silicon Valley chief executives, including Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook, Amazon.com Inc.’s Andy Jassy, Microsoft Corp.’s Satya Nadella, and Alphabet Inc.’s Sundar Pichai are scheduled to attend the White House meeting, according to a list of participants shared by an administration official. Also expected are JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon and Brian Moynihan, president and CEO of Bank of America Corp., among other representatives of the financial industry […]

Mr. Biden in the early months of his administration highlighted cybersecurity as a top national security concern in the wake of a devastating Russian espionage operation, discovered in the final months of the Trump administration, that compromised at least 10 federal agencies and 100 U.S. companies.

The issue grew more pronounced as a threat this spring and summer after a spree of high-profile ransomware attacks forced the shutdowns of a major U.S. fuel pipeline, a large meat distributor, and a range of small businesses […]

Some private-sector announcements related to “technology and talent” should follow the afternoon meeting, the official said, while declining to provide details. Some companies are expected to announce overall security investments, while others plan to address specific aspects of cybersecurity, another person familiar with the meeting said.”

Apple is currently on the hit list after the announcement of its CSAM measures where many users argue that the company will spy and undermine their privacy on their iPhones.

The relationship between Apple and the U.S government hasn’t always been positive, like in 2016 when Apple refused to obey the FBI’s order in unlocking a terrorist’s iPhone with the FBI stating that Apple “places at risk millions of cell phone users across the United States.”

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Heedo Abu Laban

Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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