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iOS 15.1 Beta 3 Brings Flagship Features for iPhone 13 Pro

This week, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 15.1, the first major update to iOS 15. The biggest addition that iOS 15.1 has to offer is the flagship camera features that will be exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, including ProRes Video, which Apple had announced that it would come later this fall.

For those of you who have downloaded the beta on an iPhone 13 Pro, in order to access this feature, you head to the Settings app, tap the “Camera” section, and under Formats, you’ll see a toggle for Apple ProRes.

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Because of the uncompressed quality that ProRes video offers, 128GB models are only limited to 1080p 30fps footage. One minute of HD ProRes footage takes up 1.7GB, so theoretically, you could store up to 70 minutes of HD ProRes footage on a 128GB model, assuming that they don’t install any third-party apps. Higher storage configurations will support 4K footage.

Another major downside is that because the Lightning port on the iPhone 13 Pro can only support much slower USB 2.0 speeds as reported by other sources, transferring footage to a computer would take forever than it should for professional workflows.

Credit: MacRumors

Another feature that iOS 15.1 added is an option to toggle ‘Auto Macro’. As requested by several iPhone 13 Pro users, this option will disable the Camera app to automatically switch to the Ultra Wide camera for macro photos and videos, for much better quality control for macro photography. Are you looking to tryout these exclusive features if you have an iPhone 13 Pro?

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