Photo Allegedly Reveals MacBook Pro Display with Notch

Yesterday, rumors have speculated that the upcoming MacBook Pro will feature displays with a notch similar to those of the current iPhone lineup. Shortly after, a photo shared by Weibo account AnyTurtle999 has allegedly revealed one based on such a sketchy rumor.

While this claim seems laughable at first and should be taken with a grain of salt, here’s why it would seem plausible. If you take a look at the latest macOS Monterey beta, the resolutions for those upcoming models were 3024-by-1964 and 3456-by-2234. If you subtract 74 pixels from both of the resolutions’ height, you’ll get both resolutions as 3024-by-1892 and 3456-by-2160, which are both in the familiar 16:10 aspect ratio that the MacBook lineup has had for many years.

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The intentions of the notch would be to reduce the thickness of the bezels for a much more all-screen design, similar to that of the iPhone. If the new models will feature the notch, it will house the webcam, microphone, and ambient light sensor. However, it will still not feature Face ID, but instead will retain Touch ID. The iPhones has had the notch to accommodate the necessary sensors for Face ID. However, the iPad Pro doesn’t take the notch approach despite having Face ID. Instead, all bezels there have been all uniformed. When the notch first debuted on the iPhone X, people had ridiculed that idea and even memes off of it. In the end, people have accepted that design change.

In spite of this rumor, Apple would technically not be the first company to take some form of “notch” approach for its laptops. Almost three years ago, Apple’s competitor Asus has built a “reverse notch” that houses the necessary components without obstructing the display.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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