Review: Hallmark Movies Now on Apple TV Channels

Appleosophy | Review: Hallmark Movies Now on Apple TV Channels
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It is that time of the year. The holidays are in the air and the thoughts of every American in the country right now and one of the hallmarks of this time of the year are Hallmark Christmas movies.

Before we get to the Christmas content, let’s talk about the Apple TV app interface and all of the other content on the channel because it’s not just holiday movies.

Appleosophy | Review: Hallmark Movies Now on Apple TV Channels

With the streaming service being available on Apple TV Channels in the Apple TV app, it is nice for people who are like me and already subscribe to other channels like Paramount+ through Apple TV Channels. The look and feel of the app make it easier to use compared to the standard Hallmark Movies Now app.

Hallmark Movies Now does include original content such as “When The Heart Calls,” which is currently its only original piece of content right now.

Other TV shows on the streaming service are “Good Witch” and “Chesapeake Shores.”

Of course, the streaming service is filled with Hallmark original movies on it like “The Christmas Train,” “Not Cinderella’s Type” and “Falling For Look Lodge.”

With that said, even though it is one of its best features, it is also its biggest problem, more so when it comes to Christmas movies.

We all know that Hallmark is known for its Christmas movies, yet not many of them have been added to Hallmark Movies Now and that’s a problem for the service.

Granted, one of the reasons for why most are not on it could be due to the fact that since not many of them are available for purchase on DVD or through iTunes/Apple TV, it will increase the ratings for the Hallmark channels when they are reruns live.

Despite that fact, it would be nice to see more Hallmark Christmas movies on Hallmark Movies Now. If anything, for younger viewers and consumers, it might make them consider subscribing to the service.

Overall, Hallmark Movies Now on Apple TV Channels gets 3/4 stars from me. While it does offer good programming for a lot of viewers, the lack of Christmas movies, especially the newer ones, on the streaming service hurts it because of how much value they have to viewers of all ages.

Rating: 3/4 stars

David Becker
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