How Apple Can Hit The Ground Running With VR?

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Appleosophy | How Apple Can Hit The Ground Running With VR?
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Metaverse news and a growing need for more realistic virtual reality software suggest that rapid growth in the VR field isn’t only inevitable, but likely to happen very soon. We’ve seen multiple companies jump on board with their own iteration of the technology, but what plays will Apple be making as the landscape of entertainment as we know it quickly changes?

While we don’t want to spend too much time discussing some of the possible business ventures the company is planning, we’d like to offer a few suggestions on what they should do in order to stay competitive in the entertainment industry.

First, they need to make sure they advocate hardware that can both handle current VR capacity and evolve to stay relevant as the technology develops. While this might go against Apple’s installment philosophy, which they hold with most of the rest of their hardware, it would show that they’re willing to change and grow with the times. Instead of developing a new VR headset, haptic suit, surround-sound headphones for the experience yearly, they could sell the hardware and allow it to be updated not only with the typical downloads, but also parts could be purchased for the hardware customers already have.

This would ensure that one purchase can get customers engaged with the rest of the world. Further ways to enhance their experience as the technology becomes better can be made available through free updates as well as purchases. It’s been reported that Apple’s headset could land as early as next year, and we’re hoping it comes with ways to be upgraded. The price of VR might be detrimental to customers who are making annual purchases just to buy a slightly better headset each time. Instead, let them upgrade the parts of the technology they want upgraded to create a unique experience for them.

Apple also needs to make sure that deals are offered regularly online as well as in their physical stores. These offers can be made specific to each state in their physical stores to get people engaged in the technology. This would be similar to the practice that online casinos implement, in that many companies are pushing the need for high-quality customer service, which subsequently leads to complimentary reviews.

These reviews are regularly compiled by impartial ranking websites, which establish the best online casinos on the market, as well as the worst, based on the average customer reviews and the scope of the offers/promotions available at each respective casino. A prime example of this is the website with territory-specific rankings of best promo codes. For instance, players can conveniently find a list of all FanDuel casino promo codes available in Michigan, California, Alaska, and just about anywhere else you can think of is displayed directly on their webpage. If Apple were to adopt a similar approach, they’d inevitably drive people into the stores and spark interest in people who were on the fence about adopting VR into their household, which takes us to our final point.

Demos must be made available to customers. We can’t stress this one enough. Apple stores already draw a decent crowd with people upgrading, fixing, and asking questions daily. If you throw in a few demo kiosks with the product readily available to the public, you beat a big portion of the competition. As it stands, most VR is experienced by people who have taken the leap to buy into the hype based on promises and a few trailers. The rest of the people to try the technology are friends of the early adopters.

If Apple made the technology readily available to demo in their stores, it’s likely that they could see a huge increase in adoption. Currently, people’s options to demo VR are extremely limited, so if Apple went out of their way to change that, they could grab a huge portion of the market that has never been able to try VR. Despite a huge movement to online sales, it would seem customers still like to try before they buy.

Implementing these changes as we move closer to the age of VR could take the company to even greater heights. However, if the correct steps aren’t taken to hit the ground running, they could be left in the dust on this new technology.

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