How to Clean Apple’s Polishing Cloth

Do you remember Apple’s own polishing cloth? It has become one of the biggest memes since it first debuted. Because everyone wanted one, it was completely sold out until this month. Right now, this bizarre accessory is back in stock, and you can purchase one for just $19 excluding tax. For that kind of money, you’re getting a cloth to clean your shiny Apple products with, except you’re really just paying Apple tax. In fact, you could even get a Lightning cable for the same amount of money. At least you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the polishing cloth with the Pro Display XDR included anymore.

If it doesn’t get interesting enough, Apple has even posted details on its support page that explains how to not only clean the nano-texture glass on the Pro Display XDR, but also to clean its polishing cloth. If it gets dirty for some reason, luckily you don’t even have to spend another $19 just to get the same cloth. Just follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

  1. Hand wash the polishing cloth with dish soap and water.
  2. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Allow the polishing cloth to air dry for at least 24 hours.
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And that’s it! Finally, if you want to your products to last long, you have to take care of them. That’s why even premium dish soap exists such as this one from Amazon for just $46.

If you happen to own one, we sure hope that it’s really worth every penny. Otherwise, we urge you to not buy it and look elsewhere.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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