Apple rolls out support for Custom Codes to App Developers

With all the news around Apple’s App Store percentage cut and payment mode, there’s good news for App Developers! Apple has now started to roll out support for Custom Discount codes in addition to the existing one-time use codes for subscription-based apps.

Developers can now create custom codes in App Store Connect with an option to choose a code/name of their choice such as “SPRINGPROMO” or “DISCOUNT20”. This feature will help developers easily get new subscribers, retain current subscribers, and win back previous subscribers through discount offer codes. Each code can be redeemed through either a direct URL or within the app itself.

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Follow these steps to create a custom code:

  • Generate access keys in the Users and Access section of App Store Connect.
  • Create a promotional offer on your app’s in-app purchase page for each product in App Store Connect.
  • Determine your business logic and use StoreKit APIs.
  • Enable App Store server notifications.

App developers can offer curated codes to targeted users. For example, the app can offer a custom code to new users or to users who are highly active on the app. App developers can offer different codes for new users, existing users, and returning users to retain their subscriber base.

What do you think about this addition? Are you going to use it? Let us know down in the comments ⬇️

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

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