Apple will celebrate Heart Month with new health-related features

Apple has planned to start the implementation of a new series of heart health resources in the month of February to support users’ health journeys in the U.S. 

Marking February as “Heart Month,” Apple has started to offer custom compilations across its services.

Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams said that this new feature will truly benefit customers tracking their everyday health.

“We’re strong believers at Apple that if you can empower people with information about their health, you can change the trajectory of their well-being,” he said. “Keeping your heart healthy requires a holistic approach — something we’ve focused on since the first generation of Apple Watch with the inclusion of activity and workout apps, in addition to heart rate. Today, people of all ages can use our products and services to learn more about staying healthy, work toward their personal goals, and have a lot of fun along the way.”

Below are the following Apple products and services that will be taking part in Heart Month and how.

Apple Watch: To make sure Apple Watch users stay motivated, Apple will be introducing the “Heart Month Activity Challenge” and people can achieve it by completing 30 minutes in their Exercise ring on February 14 which will make them eligible to earn a special award. 

Additionally, starting on Monday, February 14, Apple Fitness+ will feature a curated section of 30-minute workouts that will help users to get their exercises done.

App Store: Here users will find a curation of apps that will focus on cardiac health. Apple Recommends apps like HeartWatch, Gentler Streak and Zones that will motivate the users to develop their fitness and wellness by accessing personalized workouts for their fitness regime, monitoring heart rate metrics and tracking their health vitals.

Apple Books: Apple Books will start offering a collection of titles that focus on heart health which include books on heart science, emotional well-being, and a healthy appetite.

Apple TV app: The Apple TV app will start featuring a special collection of movies and shows on cardiac health and Healthy Lifestyles. 

Apple Podcasts: On Apple Podcasts, listeners can explore a curated group of popular podcasts on the Browse tab which will feature medical experts and they would help listeners to acquire knowledge about their health and the steps that they can take to improve.

To learn more about what Apple will be offering during Heart Month next month, check out its Newsroom page.

Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

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