App Review: Day One Journal in 2022

I have been using Day One Journal as my personal, private digital journal for a little over five years now, and needless to say, it has seen me at my best and worst days in life.

What Day One brings to the table is its layout and design, whether you’re using it on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The interface is easy to use and understand that you could have it done shortly after using it for the first time.

Another aspect of the app I like is its security. When using it on the iPhone and iPad, you can have it set up so you can unlock it with either Face ID or Touch ID, or enter a four-digit passcode. It makes it so if something unfortunate like one of your devices is stolen from you, your information in the app and your journals should be secure.

Let’s also not forget about Day One Sync which feels like it works like magic. When you make an entry from a device like an iPad, you can almost immediately read it on another device like an iPhone or Mac. Even make edits to the entry and add photos as well, when necessary.

With how the iPad works today with an accessory like the Magic Keyboard, it’s the perfect opportunity to get writing done in the Day One app.

Day One is one of those apps where many make the excuse that they cannot do all of the journaling or that it would be awkward to carry a physical notebook with them to journal in, especially in 2022, but Day One eliminates that excuse and worries with having a digital journal that is all about you and to yourself. No need to worry about the public reading your most intricate thoughts and feelings.

Having a dedicated place for that in a time when mental health has become immensely important in our daily life, and Day One is the best digital place to write and get those thoughts and feelings out.

Day One is another great place to put plans down. As a writer, I do keep my writing and article ideas in a dedicated journal in the app so not only is it there, I can access it on any device with the app on it, but it is secure and no one can access it other than me.

If you’re an author and need to keep your book ideas, fiction or nonfiction, to yourself, Day One is a great place to put those.

Overall, Day One Journal is a fantastic app for those who are wanting or needing to journal regularly. The look and features within the app, and the way how it is all integrated makes it the best journaling app in the App Store, and one of the better-designed apps in the App Store too.

Without a doubt in my mind, it gets 4/4 stars. I currently don’t see many flaws or issues with the app. In fact, they’re pretty hard to find.

Day One Journal is currently a free app in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. It does have premium features that start at $3.99 a month and $34.99 a year.

Rating: 4/4 stars.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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