iOS 15.5: Apple Account Card Might Replace iTunes Pass

As Apple rolls out its latest betas for iOS 15.5, developers always discover some nice under-the-hood changes that users would find interesting. One of these upcoming features can be found in the Wallet app. As you will see, Apple continues to transition away from the “iTunes” branding by rebranding its iTunes Pass card in favor of the brand “Apple Account Card”

This is in line with Apple Gift Cards that you can buy at both Online and Retail Stores. Beforehand, they were either iTunes or App Store Gift Cards, but Apple replace those by unifying its Gift Card system in favor of the all-in-one Apple Gift Card. That way, you could redeem it for any purchase towards any Apple service.

The transition away from the “iTunes” branding started in 2019 when Apple introduced three dedicated apps in macOS Catalina – Music, Podcasts, and TV app to replace the long-in-the-tooth iTunes app. Because the iTunes app contained so many libraries beyond the music one such as Podcasts and TV shows, Craig Federighi even joked about that iTunes could do even more. Heck, he even joked that it had both a dock and mail features. While you don’t see the brand iTunes anymore, the most notable exceptions are iTunes for Windows and the iTunes Store app on the App Store, where you could purchase and download songs to keep them forever. Unless Apple could come up with a modern brand for the latter, the iTunes Store is here to stay.

With that said, the “Apple Account Card” is expect to work the same way as iTunes Pass has. There’s no word yet on when iOS 15.5 will be release to the public, but we can expect a summer release before iOS 16 comes out.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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