French Gov’ ID Twitter account tweets about WWDC

An interesting tweet has emerged on Twitter from France’s government organization for identification. After translating, the tweet reads:

I hear we should watch #WWDC22 🕵️‍♂️😉

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Now, coming from a government organization is slightly strange, given on a regular day, an account like this would be overlooked by the average user. For an account with only 377 followers and 26 tweets, this account is definitely not in the spotlight until using the #WWDC22 with the corresponding hashflag.

Looking at the account further, the account bio reads:

Twitter of the France Identity application.
Keep control of your identity data.

This government identification application is still in Beta as noted on their website, seemingly giving support for new ID’s. These are already present in the US states: Maryland & Arizona.

What does this mean?

The likely outcome from this very vague tweet is likely to hint towards support for official IDs from the French Government. Hopefully this will be answered within the WWDC livestream!

Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

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