2024 MacBook Air & iPad Pro Could Feature OLED Displays

MacBook Air M2

While orders for the M2 MacBook Pro start tomorrow, rumors about the future of the Mac keeps on coming. Another report from display analyst Ross Young states that Apple will release its first MacBook with a Super Retina XDR (aka OLED) display in 2024. The big tech company is also developing iPads with this display technology.

Going into more details, Young adds that both of these products will use an improved OLED technology – “tandem stack”. This will allow increased brightness, improved display longevity, and better energy efficiency in addition to the variable refresh rate. If the variable refresh rate does make it to this upcoming MacBook, Apple could market this laptop as a potential replacement of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The most advanced display technology that Apple currently uses on their iPads and Macs are mini-LED. While OLED is consider superior to mini-LED in some areas, its major weakness is the burn-in issue. However, Apple could be pioneer micro-LED technology that would combine the strengths in both mini-LED and OLED display. This technology would be brighter than OLEDs with no burn-in issues.

Would you like to see either a MacBook or iPad with a “Super Retina XDR display”? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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