New, Cheaper Apple Watch Coming on Wednesday

With most of the hype focusing on the “Apple Watch Pro”, it looks like we could see another Apple Watch model. Currently, Apple offers three models for the Apple Watch lineup – the Series 3, and the Series 7. The Series 3 will definitely be discontinued given the clearance on those models. The Series 8 will replace the current flagship Series 7 in the lineup, and Apple will “Apple Watch Pro” series for the first time as the CAD schematics have already been leaked.

Let’s draw our attention to the more budget-friendly option – the Apple Watch SE. Similar to the iPhone SE, this model offers many of the latest features at a lower price point. Previous reports indicated that the second-generation SE was in the works. Now, a recent report from New York Times says there will be a new model that will be “cheaper than the current Apple Watch SE.”

Remember that the Series 3 starts at $199, and the SE starts at $279. If Apple were to discontinue the Series 3 and replace the SE with this upcoming model, it would be a surprise that Apple would offer a new, low-cost option at a lower starting price point. Usually, Apple introduces a next-generation product that starts at least the same price as before, if not lower.

Another possibility is that Apple will drop the starting price for the current Apple Watch SE to below $279 and offer the next-generation SE at a higher starting price point. Otherwise, we might see this next budget model at an even lower price at around $199. With $199 as the “magic” price point, this Apple Watch could attract even more young smart watch customers. With Family Setup in watchOS, users without an iPhone, particularly children, could independently use an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. That way, they can still keep in touch with their family and friends.

If the upcoming Apple Watch Pro’s starting price is out of reach for you, would you still be interested in this budget-friendly option? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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