Apple collaborates with health insurance company to create Attain app

Recently, Apple has collaborated with Aetna to create an app for Apple Watch users, named Attain. This app uses the user’s health history and their Apple Watch activity to create personalized goals to a happier and healthier life. Users can track their activity, nutrition, sleep, and reminders for vaccinations or doctors appointments. The Attain app can also help users find more affordable labs, specialists (upon physician referral) or imaging centers from MRIs to CT scans.
The app also has some rewards that you can get from taking exceptionally good care of your health. Users who reached their health and fitness goals can get rewarded for gift cards or use the amount towards upgrading to a new Apple Watch. The value of the money goes to buying a brand new Apple Watch, and is earned by a criterion set for points. Points can be earned every time you achieve your goals or improving your health everyday.
Apple COO Jeff Williams says:
“Every day, we receive emails and letters from people all over the world who have found great benefit by incorporating Apple Watch into their lives and daily routines,”
This implies that Apple Watch is perfect for health, and can keep you healthy and active every day. A lot of people say that their Apple Watch is beneficial to keeping them active, so it’s true!
Overall, keeping yourself healthy with Apple Watch is very beneficial to your health, your soul, and your life. In the past, Apple has partnered up with two insurance companies to provide free Apple Watches to insurance members. These insurance companies included UnitedHealthcare and John Hancock.
Kateland Vu
Author: Kateland Vu

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