Apple Considering All-New “Ultra” iPhone Model Alongside the Pro Max

Appleosophy|Apple Considering All-New
Appleosophy|Apple Considering All-New "Ultra" iPhone Model Alongside the Pro Max
Image: Apple

With the introduction of the iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra, there has since been higher anticipation of the “iPhone Ultra” concept for several months. Back then, Gurman reported that there was “potential” for an iPhone 15 Ultra that would replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max for this year’s iPhone lineup. Now, he suggested that Apple could offer the Ultra as the new flagship iPhone model starting next year.

This would really be huge news for customers and fans who always want the best iPhone yet or who want to make the most out of their iPhone. Although it’s too early to know how the upcoming Ultra model would be different from the Pro Max, we could see these features make their way to the Ultra: a titanium case, advanced camera improvements, a faster chip, a larger display, and probably a portless design that relies solely on MagSafe.

So what would the lineup look like with the addition of the Ultra model? The current iPhone 14 Plus has seen disappointing sales, but we’re still expecting another Plus model for the iPhone 15 lineup. So I think it’s best for Apple to offer only one display size for the standard model just like with the iPhone 11 back in 2019. It would also be cool if Apple would rename the “Pro Max” model to just the “Max.” This would be in line with Apple’s current lineup of Apple Silicon chips for the Mac. So for next year’s iPhone 16 lineup, we could see these models: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Max, and iPhone 16 Ultra. If this device were to be introduced, it would certainly be priced higher than the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099.

What do you think Apple’s iPhone lineup should be? Let us know in the comments below. If you like this article and want more Apple-related stories, make sure you follow us on @Appleosophy.

Appleosophy|Apple Considering All-New
Author: Nick Soong

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Appleosophy|Apple Considering All-New
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