4 tips Apple could learn from the iGaming industry.

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Appleosophy | 4 tips Apple could learn from the iGaming industry.
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Apple is the world’s biggest technology company and is the only company that has ever surpassed a $3tn market cap. The idea that there are other industries they could learn from might seem contradictory, but just because Apple has been so successful doesn’t mean they have done everything perfectly and aren’t guilty of making mistakes. 

As our world becomes more tech-focused and Apple is at the top of this mountain, many other industries are helping to cultivate serious innovation. The iGaming industry is a burgeoning sector that has gone from non-existent to an 11-figure industry in just over two decades. While Apple boasts similar growth between the mid-90s and the mid-2010s, there’s still originality and impressive levels of enterprise in the online gambling sector that Apple could apply to their enormously successful business model. 

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1. Implementing latest advancements 

It’d be challenging to say Apple is a company that doesn’t pay close attention to changing technological trends. Over the last 25 years, Apple has pioneered many of these changes and spearheaded incredible innovation. However, many economists and analysts believe that Steve Jobs was instrumental in turning Apple from a promising American technology business to a global behemoth of a brand. 

Following the loss of Steve Jobs in 2011, analysts believed that this focus on innovation may have taken a hit now that the company was so well-established and profitable and its pioneering leader had sadly passed away. However, this wasn’t exactly true, as the business continued to churn out more innovative smartphones and sell other hugely successful accessories, such as the iPad and AirPods. AirPods became such a success story that multiple generations and updates have also proven to be a colossal hit.

Interestingly, the iGaming industry has used significant technological changes to its advantage to get ahead of the competition. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become prominent features in new casinos. Although Apple has invested in VR and other technologies, the speed at which iGaming can adapt and find ways to work with disruptive innovations is something Apple could look to get up to speed with.

2. Emphasis on entertainment

The whole premise of iGaming is to entertain. Sports betting, casino gaming and other types of betting games are designed with fun at their core. Understandably, Apple has much more on its plate than simply focusing on fun. Casinotopsonline (CTO) has several articles that shine a light on the importance of putting the customer experience at the forefront of any gaming design. Although smartphones are renowned for their immense practicality, their entertainment value often keeps us glued to our devices for several hours a day. 

However, the fact that Apple has yet to release a phone designed specifically for gamers could indicate that shifting towards a gaming phone might prove profitable. Listening to consumers is the bread and butter for any successful business, and as professional video gaming becomes a gigantic global enterprise and Apple moves successfully into the streaming industry, there might be a further pivot towards other areas of the entertainment industry, and they may construct a mobile device that is tailored to gamers. 

3. Solving regulatory headaches – As highlighted by CTO

When casino gaming emerged as one of the most exciting and profitable new industries at the start of this century, one of the main barriers for the sector was regulatory problems, particularly in the United States. Although the industry’s potential was evident early on, providers have spent a lot of time and money lobbying for regulators to update their legislation so that iGaming could become the $300bn+ industry it is today. 

According to reports by CTO, the iGaming industry’s ability to consistently mold its business model and adapt to the changing regulatory landscape is a crucial reason it has been able to carve out such a significant portion of the digital entertainment industry. Although Apple hasn’t been faced with the same problems with regulation, if it does begin to face future issues, turning to those within the iGaming industry and getting some pointers on how to navigate a tricky regulatory environment successfully is one of the most substantial things that Apple could learn from the iGaming industry.

4. Don’t become complacent

Despite Apple’s commanding lead as the world’s most prominent company, some detractors have commented that some of their recent releases have lacked the innovation and ingenuity of previous years. Their latest phone has been marketed effectively, and early reviews suggest that it is one of the best Apple products for years. Online casino gaming and sports betting industries continue seeking ways to make their experience more convenient and suitable for their customers. While Apple certainly isn’t in the business of making a less convenient product, it could be easy for the company to slide back into old habits or designs, given that they have such a commanding lead in smartphones and technology.

One of the critical components of Apple’s success is that there are so many people who are loyal to the brand and idea of Apple. Not only will people seek out the latest products because it’s Apple, but the logo, advertising campaigns and even their shop designs are so unique and iconic that it attracts millions of people purely because of the flawless design. For many, the quality of the product can play second fiddle; they just want the latest Apple device, but if this started to impact the actual design of their devices, this could encourage complacency. However, constantly striving for new ideas and innovation, like iGaming does, can keep complacency at bay.

Final thoughts

As discussed in our introduction, it might seem disingenuous to state that Apple could learn many things from any industry. Hundreds of businesses constantly follow Apple’s lead and given that they have risen to the zenith of global enterprise, to suggest that they might be doing that many things wrong would be a fallacy. According to CTO reports, there’s a lot of crossovers between iGaming and Apple, and since both industries are so successful, this is to be expected.

However, sitting back and pretending that everything is perfect, and that even amid phenomenal success there still aren’t lessons that can be learned, isn’t the right approach either. Being able to find a balance and remaining open to new ideas is how companies like Apple turn into the titans they are today. Rest assured, business executives at Apple take notes from other flourishing businesses in their sector, because you don’t reach the level they have simply by standing still.

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