Gurman: MacBook/iPad hybrid could be the 20-inch foldable device

Gurman: MacBook/iPad hybrid could be the 20-inch foldable
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Last week, a report claimed that Apple is working on a mysterious product that sports foldable display technology. Now, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman is adding new information regarding the device, saying it is a MacBook/iPad hybrid.

A MacBook/iPad Hybrid?

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman states that Apple is working on a 2-in-1 MacBook/iPad hybrid that features a foldable 20-inch screen. He notes that Apple has indeed been exploring a dual-screen product that won’t house a physical keyboard and trackpad:

“I’m told Apple has indeed been exploring a dual-screen, foldable MacBook/iPad hybrid that would take the second approach. It would trade in the physical keyboard and trackpad for a fully touch-screen base”

The first to bring information regarding this product is Ross Young at Display Supply Chain Consultants. Young cited that when it comes to pioneering such advanced technology as Apple is exploring all-screen foldable notebooks, with a new category for this new product

Finally, the likely target for the debut of this product could be 2026 or 2027, which is the same period for the launch of the Apple Car and the Apple Glasses headset:

We are now showing Apple in our roadmap for foldable notebooks. We hear there is interest at the largest size yet, around 20.x”. This size could create a new category for Apple and would result in a true dual use product, a notebook with a full-size keyboard when folded and for use as a monitor when not folded and used with an external keyboard. It may also allow for UHD/4K resolution or even higher at that size. The time frame is likely later than 2025 though, it could be 2026 or 2027.

Appleosophy’s Take

Wow, the later years of this decade are going to be very interesting for Apple. Big projects are coming and we really want to see what will the final versions look like. As if the Apple Car and MR headset aren’t enough, there is this new 2-in-1 foldable device that might be a possible candidate for a MacBook/iPad merge? Who knows, only Apple. We will wait and see where things go from now.

In the meantime, the Cupertino-based giant is having issues regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, Apple Pay bans, while opening a new store in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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