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How to use Twitter on your Apple Watch

Yes, you read the title right. You can use Twitter on your Apple Watch. Twitter is a popular social media app which many of us use in our daily lives and having the ability to use Twitter on your wrist is cool.

Follow these easy steps to get Twitter on your Apple Watch:-

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1. Go to the App store on your iPhone and search “Chirp for Twitter” or click on this link:


Install the app. The app is free, there is a pro version also but the free version will do most of the job.

2. Open the app on your iPhone and login with your Twitter account.

3. Install the App on the Apple Watch too.

4. After the app is linked with your Twitter account, you will be able to use Twitter on your Apple Watch.

You can now browse through your Twitter feed/timeline, like and retweet posts, view what’s trending, view mentions, check your messages, view likes, and also view your profile.

You can also search for Twitter accounts but you will require to pay for that feature.

Have a look at some images of the Chirp App:-

Source: App Store


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