Apple hit with another lawsuit over iPhone XR’s antenna issues

Apple has been hit with a second class-action lawsuit over the iPhone XR’s substandard and inferior antennas.

Apple is accused of hiding the fact that its more affordable iPhone released in 2018, shipped with a lower-quality 2×2 MIMO antenna array compared to the higher end iPhone XS and XS Max’s 4×4 MIMO antenna array.

Tests were conducted on the iPhone XS and XR to compare performance. Results proved that the iPhone XR and it’s 2×2 antenna offer slower connectivity and speed compared to the iPhone XS with the iPhone XR reportedly half as fast as the iPhone XS.

This isn’t the first time a complaint has been lodged about this issue, a suit was filed in the District Court for the Northern District of California one month ago on the same issue. Users have been experiencing a range of issues, from call drops to flakey reception. Plaintiffs say Apple knew about this issue and shipped it to customers without telling them the difference. The lower quality antennas were most likely used on the iPhone XR to lower costs.

The class action law suit calls for unspecified damages plus legal fees. It also demands an order to be placed against Apple, to prevent them from using deceptive and unfair business practices.

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Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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