Apple Commemorates Earth Day 2021

Appleosophy|Apple Commemorates Earth Day 2021
Appleosophy|Apple Commemorates Earth Day 2021
Credit: Apple Inc.

Today is Earth Day, and Apple is already celebrating this important day. Apple has been spreading awareness and inspires us to become part of the solution towards a sustainable environment. Here is how Apple is educating and engaging its customers across all of its services/products.


On Apple TV+, current subscribers can watch the just-released documentary “The Year Earth Changed” and two Apple Originals: “Tiny World” and “Earth At Night In Color.” On Apple Books, customers can find books and audiobooks that discuss reversing climate change and solutions that everyone can be a part of. On Apple Podcasts, users can listen to the “Earth Won’t Wait” editorial collection. This collection features important environmental topics, including conscious consumerism, stewardship, and sustainability; global threats and global solutions; and connecting with nature. On Apple Music, users will find soothing and relaxing music through special playlists: “Sounds of Mature”, “Mixtape for Mother Earth”, and “Restore Our Earth Through Music”.

Apps and Games

The App Store is the best way to find essential apps to help you live a sustainable life. These apps include Think Dirty, Deliciously Elsa, and All the World. Additionally, Apple Arcade offers the exotic game “Alba: A Wildlife Adventure”, where a young girl is on a mission to preserve her natural habitat. In collaboration with Ecologi, for each download over the game, one tree will be planted for reforestation in Madagascar.


Apple Maps provides dedicated Guides to help travelers plan the most exciting nature trips from exploring natural parks to bird watching. For customers with an Apple Watch, they can complete a 30-minute workout to earn a limited-time Earth Day Award, including Message stickers.

Current Goals

Apple already reached its goal on becoming a carbon-neutral company, but its work is never done. Apple now plans to make all of its products carbon neutral and has made tremendous progress. First, Apple now has many of its products use recycled or low-carbon materials, including those that Apple announced earlier this week such as the iMac. Second, Apple’s servers run on 100% renewable energy. These servers provide the services that you use every day such as iMessage and iCloud. Third, Apple is saving materials by creating e-waste. By removing the wall adapters from Watch and iPhone boxes, Apple can reduce the packaging’s size and save thousands of tons of materials. Apple can fit more boxes per shipping container, and thus create less gas emissions.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @Appleosophy.

Appleosophy|Apple Commemorates Earth Day 2021
Author: Nick Soong

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Appleosophy|Apple Commemorates Earth Day 2021
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