Newly-Launched Facebook Audio Platforms Available Today

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Starting today, Facebook is rolling out its Live Audio Rooms feature. It will allow verified public figures and several high-profile Facebook groups to create and host rooms.

Additionally, Facebook is launching its initial set of U.S. podcast partners. All Facebook users can enjoy the slew of newly-launched features starting today.

Think of Live Audio Rooms as a platform competing directly with Clubhouse. If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse before, here’s a summary of its purpose: Clubhouse is a voice chat-only app that allows invited people to communicate with others in rooms where they can listen / participate in live conversations.

Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, along with several YouTubers sparked enough interest in the app initially, which caused a snowball effect of downloads. This wide attention gave pause to other companies like Twitter and Spotify to create copycat apps / functionalities.

Rumors of Facebook’s copycat version date back to February. On top of the Clubhouse-like functionality, Facebook has also working on other audio products, such as their newly-launched podcast platform. It’s important to note that hosts will need an iPhone to use these features.

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