Apple rolls out TestFlight for Mac beta

This year’s WWDC brought the introduction of TestFlight for Mac, which will allow developers to submit and test beta version of Mac apps.

The iOS version has been around for a while, so it’s super nice for Mac app developers to have the same, fantastic experience as testing iOS beta apps.

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This week, Apple announced that it has rolled out the developer beta version of TestFlight for Mac along with the fifth beta of macOS Monterey. Although it’s not available to public users at this time, developers can download it from Apple’s Developer Center. They’ll need macOS Monterey to use the beta version.

Before updating the native app, they’ll have to quit the app for the update to take effect. One last important thing to note is that VoiceOver is not fully functional in the beta.

Are you looking forward to use TestFlight if you’re a Mac app developer? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Also – make sure to subscribe to our new video podcast on YouTube!

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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