Clubhouse on iOS brings spatial audio support

Spatial Audio is expanding on more and more apps, now it has arrived on Clubhouse.

Spatial Audio is an iOS 14 feature that gives a new “surround-sound” listening experience on AirPods Pro, Max, or other models that support it. Now the feature has been enabled on the increasingly popular social audio platform Clubhouse.

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Clubhouse has announced on Twitter on Sunday that Spatial Audio is arriving on the platform, with Android support “coming soon”.


From the platform’s FAQ page:

“With spatial audio, you’ll hear the speakers in a room around you in 3D, which makes the experience more lifelike and human. These spatial cues also make it easier for your brain to track who is talking, making listening more enjoyable.”

To enable this feature make sure you’re on the latest version of the app, go to Settings, and check for Spatial Audio and enable it if it’s not.

Clubhouse notes that “you’ll need headphones (either wired or Bluetooth) to enjoy this feature.” “If you are speaking in a room, others will still hear you with spatial audio even if you aren’t using headphones.”

The platform is giving the app Spatial Audio so it can have the advantage over other big competitors like Twitter Spaces.

Clubhouse is not the only third-party app to support Spatial Audio, Netflix gave the green light and released the feature on iOS last week.

Heedo Abu Laban
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