Deirdre O’Brien addresses pay concerns at Apple to employees

Appleosophy | Deirdre O'Brien addresses pay concerns at Apple to employees
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Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail + People has reportedly spoken out to employees via a video, outlining how employees can voice their concerns such as pay rates.

Pay inequality at Apple is currently a major topic internally, with Apple reportedly shutting down employee set-up surveys. Deirdre O’Brien has told employees to report issues to their respective manager

The video has been seen by MacRumors, who earlier reported on this, with Deirdre O’Brien quoting:

“Now, I want you to hear this directly from me,” she said. “First, if you ever have a concern about your pay at Apple, please talk to your manager or your people business partner. And second, if you ever want to report a concern about your work environment, please come and talk to us, please. And know that we have a confidential process to thoroughly investigate in a way that treats everyone with dignity and respect.”

However, some Apple employees have spoken out, about this method not working in the past, with the response shared by many managers.

“The rates are within range,” said an anonymous employee who contacted MacRumors and told them “The system is not working…it’s set up to work against you from the beginning.”

Recently, the campaign “AppleToo,” is designed to collect issues brought forward by current and former employees, which according to MacRumors, was not mentioned in the video.

O’Brien says that she is deeply committed to pay equity, and uses industry-wide software to reach and manage the standards.

“We use industry-standard methodology, and we have a dedicated team of experts that runs a comprehensive process to monitor and maintain pay equity,” she said. “And we partner with an independent third party that analyzes our compensation each year. If this work identifies a gap, we close it. And our approach is considered best in class.”

This is a developing story that we will keep updated on if anything changes.

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